miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

New lens: "Proof of Heaven"

I was interested in the book "Proof of Heaven" for many reasons. The author Dr. Eben Alexander is a prestigious neurosurgeon who suffered a kind of stroke and then he was clinically dead for some time during which he experienced living in a different a marvelous world where he could spoke with angelical beings and apparently a "presence" full of peace and love that he could call "God".

Everything is quite strange and could be taken as a dream or even an invention of a fairy tale for someone who had lost his mind. The two interesting points here are:

1) Dr. Alexander was diagnosed as completely dead, that means without any possible electrical activity in the brain so it was impossible he could have dreamed anything because he hadn't any structure of the brain working to make possible any dreams.

2) Dr. Alexander is still an active and talented neurosurgeon expert in the structure and function of brain and completely aware of the outstanding tone of his statements and even though he is still convinced of the truth of his experiences in the afterlife.

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